Starry-Eyed Mini Aussies With Tails

Bella x Mason:
NEW LITTER born on May 29, 2023!
READY TO GO HOME: August 7, 2023

Starry-Eyed Aussies

We offer the fluffiest Mini Australian Shepherd puppies (aka Mini American Shepherds) in southern Arizona. All of our puppies are dual registered with the ASDR and AKC, with pedigrees.100% bred and raised in our home, one litter at a time.

Current Member of the Honest Dog Breeder's Dog Breeder Society
Certified GoodDog Breeder


Puppy Preschool

Our puppies are exposed to new stimuli every morning from the age of 4 weeks on, and handled daily with love! After breakfast they have open play and explore slides, tunnels, climbing, and water play. We keep it fresh, so every day is exciting!


Health & Vet Checks

All our puppies and adult dogs receive care from a quality, licensed local veterinarian. They receive their first DHPP puppy vaccines at 7-8 weeks, and will come with their official vaccine sticker and payment receipt. We are happy to share our vet references with our potential puppy buyers! Health certificates for travel can be provided, upon request.

Ready for Car Rides

Road-Trip Ready

All of our puppies are gently introduced to car rides as a litter, with increasing durations, and most have gone for a 2-3 hour trip. Our puppies show little to no anxiety in the car, and have been tested for car sickness!

Ethical Breeding

Supreme Mama Care

All of our dams are our live-in pets! We do not keep them in a garage or detached kennel, ever. They sleep with us, they eat with us, and they eat with us. Mamas receive daily massages and extra nutrients during their pregnancy and recovery, until they are back to 100%. We baby them, so they can baby their pups.

Home-Bred From the Beginning

Mamas & Papas Raised from Birth

We have only 2 dams and 2 sires, and we have raised them ourselves from 8 weeks on. We are a true-blue Aussie family.When we say we KNOW our dogs, we really mean it!

Red Tri Mini Aussie with Tail, Marbled Eye

to Brooke in MA

Mr. Orange

Red Tri Male w/ Tail
One Marbled Blue & Amber Eye, One Solid Amber Eye

Red Tri Mini Aussie with Tail, Different Colored Eyes


Mr. White

Red Tri Male w/ Copper Mask & Tail
One Green Eye, One Clear Blue Eye

Black Tri Mini Aussie with Tail


Miss Red

Black Tri Female w/ Tail
Two Dark Amber Eyes

Red Tri Mini Aussie with Tail

to Sherry in AZ

Mr. Yellow

Red Tri Male w/ Tail
Two Amber Eyes

Red Tri Mini Aussie with Tail

to Sherry in AZ

Mr. Blue

Red Tri Male w/ Tail
Two Amber Eyes

Black Tri Mini Aussie Natural Bobbed Tail

Mama Bella
Never for sale :)

Bella the Ballerina

Black Tri Female w/ Natural Bobbed Tail
Two Dark Brown Eyes

Service Above & Beyond

Wrap-Around Support

We go above and beyond to support our puppy buyers! Our puppy buyers get a direct line to us whenever something comes up they can't solve on their own. With over 30 years of dog experience - raising & training dogs, fostering dogs, and working with rescues - we've been through it all!


A Clean Home

Would you believe, we do our dog dishes every day? Oh yes we do! :) We believe the best way to ensure the health of our puppies is to keep a safe, clean environment. We use natural cleaners whenever possible and deep clean monthly.

Sounds & Sights

Puppy Exposures

Our puppies are encouraged to be brave. From the Roomba to remote control cars, loud movies, dryers, and trash trucks, our pups are confident & curious! Even stairs and slides are no problem for our pups.

Daily Handling

Easy to Groom

We do our own nail trims once a week, and daily handling for each pup, from tooth to tail! Baths, blow dryers, and brushing is a breeze with our pups.Every puppy has received at least 4 solo full grooming sessions by Go Home Day.Some of them actually love their "spa days"!

The Fine Print

Paperwork & AKC Reunite Microchip, Done For You

Did you know that purebred puppies come with lots of paperwork? All of our puppies are DUAL or TRIPLE registered with the ASDR, the AKC, and/or the CKC. All of our pups also come with their own AKC Reunite microchip and free lifetime registration. As a courtesy for our puppy buyers, we will confirm your best contact info upon the Three Day Check-in, and register them FOR YOU for free!

Everything You Need on Day One

Our "White Glove" Puppy Pack

We love to shower our Puppy Buyers with gifts!! We call it our "White Glove" Puppy Pack - it includes 2 chew toys your pup will actually love, a ball, a brand new puppy collar and matching bandana, a gallon bag of the exact high quality grain-free food we feed all our puppies & adults, a gallon bag of the "litter" our pups are trained to use, a disposable temporary litter box, and 30 days of FREE puppy insurance.We even include life-saving styptic powder (if you don't know what that is do not worry we will help!) and a pack of dewormer, just in case your pup accidentally gets into the dirt early on. And of course, your puppy's first tiny puppy collar, as a keepsake.Choose your favorite puppy crate - we can advise if you wish! - and you are ready to go on Day One!

Starry Eyed White Glove Puppy Pack




Bella x Mason

Red Tri & Black Tri
with Green, Blue, Amber, Marbled Eyes
Dual Registration:
AKC Mini American Shepherd
ASDR Mini Australian Shepherd




Foxy x Slugger

Black Tris & Blue Merles
with Blue and Brown Eyes
Dual Registration:
ASDR Mini Australian Shepherd
AKC Mini American Shepherd

About Us

Our Family Ranch in AZ

On the Edge of the Sonoran Desert!We have been in the dog rescue business for generations! New to the breeding world, our love for all dogs (mutts and all!) has easily translated over to our Mini Aussies.Our goal is to provide you & your family the fluffiest, fun Mini Australian Shepherd of your own to brighten your life and bring you new adventures! We are happy to talk all things Aussie, so please feel free to just get in touch, even if you are not currently looking for a pup. Information & advice is always free!Dog people are our people! ❤️ Thank you for choosing an ethical breeder.

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